Thursday, May 19, 2011

The B&N Girl Part 2

This chick opens me at the counter.

B&N: Hey, I Haven't seen you in awhile.

Esca: Do I know you?

B&N: I think I've seen you before...

Esca: Can I get a [hot sandwich]?

Lord only knows why I do this. I think it's my issue that I do things in life based off extremes, and usually only react to things in life with extremes. It's bad. I know for a fact I could get so much more out of life by working on my balance and nuance.

Case in point ^^. A cute girl who I would absolutely give the business to opens ME and I blow her out immediately. This isn't to say I shouldn't neg her slightly, but if you were there to see my tone...well you can imagine I actually treated her like I was a complete stranger and she must be crazy. Damn my issues with beautiful girls finding me attractive.

Remind me to tell you about the African Model on a bus ride story.

Needless to say, I tried to recover from it but it still was utter failure. So, to not make myself seem like an utter fool I small talked with a lady sitting next to me to still look sociable. Still a fail.


I ruin an easy opportunity..

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  1. "Esca: Can I get a [hot sandwich]?"



    Practice. Best way to practice for me, came from D DeAngelo. Act all the time like the girl is hitting on you.

    Figure what would be funny amusing teasing interesting to say after she says:

    "B&N: I think I've seen you before..."

    so what would you say? flirt her back. for example, smile, relax, approach a little, make a smirk, and say "oh yeah?" or "oh... I want a HOT sandwich... I give you a tip if you join me" or


    anything you would respond to her flirting

    then dont wait for her to flirt. make these kind of phrases your normal speak.

    dont worry about being "weird". Women. Love. Flirting.