Thursday, May 19, 2011

The B&N Girl Part 2

This chick opens me at the counter.

B&N: Hey, I Haven't seen you in awhile.

Esca: Do I know you?

B&N: I think I've seen you before...

Esca: Can I get a [hot sandwich]?

Lord only knows why I do this. I think it's my issue that I do things in life based off extremes, and usually only react to things in life with extremes. It's bad. I know for a fact I could get so much more out of life by working on my balance and nuance.

Case in point ^^. A cute girl who I would absolutely give the business to opens ME and I blow her out immediately. This isn't to say I shouldn't neg her slightly, but if you were there to see my tone...well you can imagine I actually treated her like I was a complete stranger and she must be crazy. Damn my issues with beautiful girls finding me attractive.

Remind me to tell you about the African Model on a bus ride story.

Needless to say, I tried to recover from it but it still was utter failure. So, to not make myself seem like an utter fool I small talked with a lady sitting next to me to still look sociable. Still a fail.


I ruin an easy opportunity..

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The B&N Girl Part 1

Oh how I hate my beta ways.

I'm trying to minimize them as much as possible. But it seems that they love to spring up around women I generally find attractive.

On my lunch break I sometimes go over to the mall if I didn't bring my own lunch, because I get a discount from working in the mall at my second job.

I head into Barnes and Nobles and from jump the girl at the cafe is eyeing me. Now, my motto when it comes to women is to "taste the rainbow", but I must say I do have a thing for persian women. And this chick was fine.
Yeah she looks like this ^.

I remember over Christmas I actually saw her there before, and it was at that time we caught eyes. Winter makes me beta so I was super enraptured and all I gave her my signature crooked smile and sat down to read my Walking Dead comic.
So now all this time passes and we lock eyes again...INSTANT ATTRACTION! I pull the ignore slyly card and go over to grab a drink with my order while she still helps the woman in front of me. All while I do this, slow and with purpose, B&N keeps darting her eyes to me while she takes cash and finishes the order.

So I grab my drink and head to the counter...

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Artsy Fartsy

God I need work. In Boston, you wouldn't believe how many girls I escalated through facebook chat who I ended up fucking. Old leads, new leads, random chicks through other girls pictures. It was easy. But my game has been in such disrepair that I am becoming super wack-sadasical.

Anyway, here is a quick facebook chat with a girl who I used to work with back in the bean. We flirted hard-core and sat next to each other. Always getting that lovely heat rising that occurs between a man and a woman when their is serious sexual tension. However, I graduated and moved to Jersey so I haven't seen or talked to her much. That is until she decided that she wants to see She wants Revenge at the end of May. So I decided to go along. But first I am spiking the temperature between us again to increase my chances at reigniting an old flame. Well, attempted to. I don't think this is a fail though. Just a slight misstep. Coming on strong after I never came on strong before was wrong. But, I do think there is still a chance.

Go to sleep artsy

haha i'm at work

Clearly not doing any!


what are you supposed to be doing ms. artsy aka super slacker

welll... today i have to redo a bulletin board near the elevators in the library
i'm going to put it off, and then do as fast as i can

haha you have a plan when you procastinate don't you?

"do it later"

What's your new place like I haven't seen it yet

its pretty cool
its a house
just off Hillside

You have a house now?
Don't lie to me if it's some arab hostel

well i have a room in a house

I knew it.
you're in a saudi hostel

its this underground scene on the hill
you didn't know about it?

I've been hookahing it up with said and the crew before you knew the pru was the north star of boston


Contour you betta recognize
...or else

you play nice or i wont take you to see She Wants Revenge with me

You play dirty and I might let you meet she wants revenge with me

so you nice and my dirty?

Nice for me isn't true though
It's just a wax sheen on my natural gruffness

i'm ok with it

I know
You think I would talk to you if you didn't have the potential to roll with me?

yeah dude. I roll deep.

Well, we can do that to if you have the potential

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Testing the Waters

First post on the new game blog and I'm proud to say it is a good one. I feel like the juices are returning again.

A little background information. As a side job, I work at a Gamestop in the local mall. Besides managers, many of the workers are young college age to just out of college kids. Right next to me is an Aldos store that is chock full of bangin girls.

Awhile back the girl I will call "Aldo" came in to buy Call of Duty. Clearly this was meant for her boyfriend but it didn't stop me blatantly spitting game to her. Over the course of the next year I would still maintain the flirting back and forth but I never really pulled anything. It's a bad issue I have where I don't go for girls I know have boyfriends. I feel like I'm breaking a bro code when in reality she's just following the hoe code.

But anyway, walking through the mall on my lunch break from my regular 9-5 I spot her outside a walkway Bodega wearing something like this:

So, in my newfound zest since I saw Riv and Wonka getting it in, I opened.

Esca: Wow. You're like a  Edward Scissorhands reject
Aldo: What?
Esca: You look like an Edward Scissorhands reject.
Aldo: Oh my god! You are so mean
Esca: What's good? You working today?
Aldo: Yeah
Esca: That's sucks
Aldo: Why?
Esca" Wouldn't it be better to not work and still be paid?
Also: I don't work when I'm there.
Esca: I know. You stand around trying to be cute.
Aldo: *laughs*
Esca: But I'd so you're only about 6 out of 10 usually.
Aldo: I can't believe you said that *girlish voice*
Esca: Naw, it's cool, you try though. You get an A for effort with me.
Aldo: When are you working again?

It feels so good to bbbbaaaccckkkk!!!!!

More to come. Summer is coming to the Jersey Shore and best believe I intend to capitalize. Bringing suave game back,